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    • Surf Simply2

      Room & Board: Seaside Hotels for the Surf Set

      Written by

      Contrary to what pop culture would have us believe, modern surf culture is not just for bohemian, bleach-blond beach bums who camp out on the sand. Upscale retreats in some of the most revered surf spots cater to guests who crave a comfortable, curated guest experience inspired by this oceanic pastime. Montauk, NY has been…

    • Wet Coast Wilderness Lodge 1

      Unlikely Innkeepers: Three Teams that Gave it All Up to Open Hotels

      Written by

      Who among us hasn’t thought, “wouldn’t it be great to get away from it all, open a little hotel somewhere and live the dream?” These three teams of unlikely innkeepers took the plunge. Each group varies in their backgrounds, locales and motivations, but they share a genuine sense of hospitality, and an undeniable love for…

    • farmers-daughter-hotel

      Reinventing the Motor Inn

      Written by

      With warmer weather, longer days and plummeting gas prices, now is the perfect time for a road trip. Whether you’re up for nearby weekend getaway or a bona fide cross-country adventure, enhance your journey by staying at independent, boutique accommodations along the way. Roadside motor inns first rose to prominence in the 1960’s, when the…

    • Downtown Charleston

      Making and Living: Three Communities Where Artisan Culture Thrives

      Written by

      Dancers flock to Broadway, programmers make their way to Silicon Valley, and actors move out to Hollywood. But where can small-scale artisans go to create and succeed? Here are three communities that foster creativity and encourage makers to thrive. Charleston, SC From the quaint beach communities just outside of town to the colorful, stately mansions…

    • Weekapaug Feature

      Setting a New Definition of Luxury: Weekapaug Inn – A New England Seaside Family Retreat Where Time Stands Still

      Written by

      Imagine a time when families from urban centers around the northeast gathered for an annual pilgrimage to the seaside – where the only sounds were of lapping waters, marsh grasses rustling in the breeze, bird song and the laughter of camaraderie as epic battles of lawn games like bocce and shuffleboard were fought and won….

    • Lodge at Woodloch - Rosemary Awakening - Photo Credit The Lodge at Woodloch

      Farm to Massage Table

      Written by

      Why is fruit from the farmers’ market so much sweeter and juicier than produce from the supermarket? Because locally grown foods are fresher, taste better and are often the healthiest options available. The positive effects of indigenous plants extend beyond healthy eating; innovative spas use regional specialties to nourish the skin, heal the body and…

    • Nebo_Cover

      Nebo Lodge: A Demonstration in Local

      Written by

      It’s hard to resist a place that so seamlessly blends its commitment to local and sustainable with excellent customer service and straightforward, yet inspiring food. However, Nebo Lodge has done just that. Perhaps that is why the fact that it is situated 12 miles out to sea on the island of North Haven, Maine, doesn’t…

    • Chebeague Island Inn

      Chebeague Island Inn: A 15-minute Ferry Ride and a World Away

      Written by

      The New England Victorian-era seaside resort is a making a comeback. At the turn of the century, there were dozens of hotels along the New England coast where families from eastern cities would come and spend the summer. Nearly all have since vanished – burned down or have been razed long ago. Off the coast…

    • The Pig Hotel

      Cozy up to the Hearth at the Pig Hotel

      Written by

      It started with the Pig (in the New Forest) – and has evolved to include the Pig in the Wall (Southhampton), and in 2013 will include the Pig on the Beach (Dorset). The concept is simple, shabby chic meets garden to table. The Pig brand is the latest creation of Robin Hutson, founder of the…

    • Image Source: Blackberry Farm

      Winter at Blackberry Farm

      Written by

      Eastern Tennessee might not be top of mind as a winter destination, but, if you are up for relaxing by a roaring fire sipping a cup of steaming cocoa while solving a Stave puzzle, or a more unique experience such as a fox hunting, truffle foraging, or learning about biodynamic gardening, Blackberry Farm in Walland…

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