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    • Alpaca Guitar

      I’ll Pack a Guitar: Meet the Makers of the Alpaca Guitar

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      Looking for the ultimate travel guitar? The carbon fiber guitar from Alpaca Guitar is an excellent choice for the adventurer. Chris Duncan, the founder and designer of the Alpaca Guitar, was inspired to create the guitar after a year-long, cross country trip with his family in a 40’ converted bus. The instruments brought on that…

    • Shinola Feature

      Handcrafted Cruisers: Artisan Bicycle Manufacturers

      Written by

      Maybe it’s the rise in gas prices or the national healthy lifestyle movement. Or perhaps it’s due to an increase in overall environmental awareness. No matter the reason, an international cycling boom is afoot. While bike sharing programs in major cities like New York and London provide easy access to public bikes, commuters who’d rather…

    • Rolling Orange Bike

      Rolling Orange: Dutch Bike Culture

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      It may well be the new status symbol of the urban hip and environmentally conscious — the utilitarian, well-designed and built to last Dutch bicycle is making inroads in New York and other cities around the United States. Last summer, Rolling Orange, a boutique bicycle shop opened in Brooklyn. They offer bicycles in various enamel…

    • Jaques Croquet Feature

      Because You Are Never Too Old To Play Games: Jaques London

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      From croquet to chess to boules and backgammon, the Jaques family is renowned as the oldest manufacturer of games in the world. The year 1795 marks the official beginning of the London based company, and seven generations later, Ben, Clare, Emmett and Joe Jaques, continue to oversee the family business. The company is credited with…

    • Hardy

      GO FISH: The heritage rods of Orvis and Hardy

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        The opening of the trout fishing season for many anglers in America and the UK is a harbinger of spring. Two companies separated by the Atlantic, stand out in terms of honoring traditional fly rod making traditions. The Orvis Company founded by Charles F. Orvis in 1856 is based in Manchester, Vermont and has…

    • Mountain Boy Sleds

      Winter Fun: the Nostalgia of Wooden Sleds and Toboggans

      Written by

      Their mass-produced, plastic molded counterparts may be speedier in some conditions, lighter in weight and less expensive, but nothing can top the nostalgic value of tobogganing down a snow covered hill with 6 friends in tow or pulling your child through the powder on a classic wooden sled. A sled by definition has runners, whereas…