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    • HighCotton-3

      The Dapper Gentleman: Modern Day Style in Timeless Neckwear

      Written by

      Across the country, fashion entrepreneurs are bringing a timeless style to their men’s neckwear products. Many of these forward-thinking designers are looking to the past – by sourcing heritage and vintage materials or finding inspiration in decades-old styles. Ties are a classic holiday gift, so select the perfect one from these quality shops. Sourced from…

    • Image Source: Raleigh Denim

      In the Raw: Premium Denim Brands on The Rise

      Written by

      In the past decade, demand has grown significantly for premium quality denim products which are more durable and heavier than standard denim products. The terms raw denim and selvedge denim have become commonplace – raw (or dry) denim referring to denim that is not washed after being dyed, and selvedge denim referring to denim that…

    • Lock and Hatters

      Britain’s 12 Finest Gentlemen’s Shops

      Written by

      Vintage watches, made-to-measure ties and hand-crafted hats: here’s the best old school traders in the country. Read It Here At Esquire UK.

    • Preloved

      Upcycled Fashion: From Closet Clutter to Couture

      Written by

      Maybe it’s an old rock concert t-shirt, or perhaps a beloved pair of jeans one wash cycle away from the garbage bin. Whatever the garment, we all have clothing that we never ever wear anymore but just can’t seem to throw away. Luckily, artisan clothing designers see these items not as relics, but as raw…

    • Beautiful Soul

      A Timeless Brand Born in Nottinghill

      Written by

      After 11 years working in corporate insurance, Nicola Woods made a radical move to the fashion industry. A sabbatical in Tokyo inspired Woods to revisit her childhood aspiration of design. She returned to the U.K. to attend the London College of Fashion where she received her BA in fashion, design, and technology in 2008 and…

    • billy reid cover

      Billy Reid – Fashion Reflecting an Upbringing

      Written by

      A natural born southerner, Billy Reid was first introduced to the fashion industry at a young age. His mother owned a clothing boutique in their hometown of Amite, Louisianna. It was in 1998 that Reid first launched his own label, William Reid, which was remodeled under the name Billy Reid in 2004. His more personalized…

    • Image Source: Tallulah Jane

      Tallulah Jane – Natural Perfumes

      Written by

      Born in England with a career path that has included: modeling, photography, and the health and wellness industry, Eleanor Jane launched “Tallulah Jane” natural perfumers in 2009. Jane’s small batch fragrances use 100% all natural ingredients (ethically chosen organic and wild crafted oils) and often incorporate seasonally ingredients, giving each batch a unique personality. https://tallulahjanenyc.com/

    • Image Source: BillyKirk

      An Heirloom Mentality – BILLYKIRK Leathermakers

      Written by

      Inspired by an old leather watch strap they picked up at a California pawn shop, Chris and Kirk Bray launched their hand made leather wear brand in 1999 to great applause within the design community. Today, although the brothers Bray are assisted by a team of Amish craftspeople, they continue to hand finish their products…

    • Alicia Adams #1

      Alicia Adams Alpaca – A Family Endeavor in New York’s Hudson Valley Yields Coast to Coast Luxury.

      Written by

      Alicia Adams’ luxurious Alpaca throws, pillows, mittens, sweaters and scarves can be found in boutiques from coast to coast. However, it is on the 80-acre farm in New York’s Hudson Valley, that she and her family raise a herd of 200+ Suri Alpacas, one of the rarest breeds in the world. The Adams family moved…

    • Image Source: C.O. Bigelow

      The Oldest Apothecary in America

      Written by

      Based in New York City, C.O. Bigelow has providing tonics, prescriptions, beauty aids and hard to find items since 1838. Their lemon body cream, formulated in 1870 is still a favorite today, and everyone from Thomas Edison to Eleanor Roosevelt and Elvis Costello has shopped its aisles. The Greenwich Village store and original location, is…

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