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    Welcome to Slow Living®

    Connecting like-minded consumers with the best artisans and micro-brands everywhere.

    Inspired by my international travels; interests in food and design; diverse professional background; and experiences with artisans and cultural organizations, I founded Slow Living® in 2010 as a way to bring together those interested in a contemporary lifestyle that celebrates quality over quantity, authentic products and experiences over mass-produced consumer goods. I coined the term Slow Living® as a consumer behavior philosophy that translates across product categories (food, travel, home and garden, health and beauty) into purchasing decisions based on a common set of product characteristics. These characteristics include: inherent beauty, with attention to detail and design; the highest quality construction and materials; low volume and often individual production; traditional processes and methods involving high levels of skill and substantial hand work; vernacular reverence/terroir; and, a great story or heritage.

    Just as the arts and crafts movement of the late 19th century was a reaction to the loss of traditional skills, creativity and machine-made mass production of the industrial revolution, Slow Living®, represents a reprioritization, a re-emphasis on authenticity as a reaction to the super sized, one size fits all, mass-commercialization trend that has marked this century.

    In an era of disposable culture, underpinning our company values is our belief that we must not lose the traditional methods, attention to detail, skills and quality of the past if were are to sustain the economy of tomorrow. Our primary goals as a company include: helping artisans and smaller businesses increase consumer awareness of their brands and products in order to build sustainable businesses; and, helping like minded consumers find unique products and experiences that they may not be otherwise able to find through mainstream channels or without a cross country road trip.

    By shopping and reading about artisans, products and experiences on Slow Living you are becoming a member of a community of like-minded individuals who value authenticity and quality. You are also helping the best artisans around reach new customers and build sustainable businesses, while at the same time finding products we hope are meaningful to your lives.

    Live Slow. Live Well.,

    Jason Drebitko
    Jason J. Drebitko, Founder