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      3 New Year Resolutions for a Slow Life

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      Slow Living Contributor Hali Issente shares his resolutions for a Slow Life…

      Predictably for New Year’s Eve, the clock struck midnight and the ball dropped, champagne flutes tipped back, and the conversation turned to resolutions for the upcoming year. While it is easier to reflect on what I have left behind in the previous year, thinking forward to a new year is much more exciting.

      In the new year, I will slow down and I resolve to: explore more, learn more, and support more.

      A “slow life” is not about self-deprivation and taking away the comforts of your life, but about making thoughtful, wise choices. A slow life is also about being fully engaged in your experiences, prioritizing what is important, and being purposeful in your actions.

      Explore: In a slow life, it is about enjoying the view and savoring life; in the new year, I resolve to explore more and discover the outdoors. From familiar activities, like snowshoeing up my favorite trail, to the unknown, like mountaineering in the Cascades in Washington, I plan to travel to inspiring places. A fun resource will be the Yonder App. In an age where most technology is created for a fast-paced, consumer culture, the Yonder App is completely different – it was creating for sharing your outdoor adventures and joining a community of like-minded enthusiasts. Feature Image Credit: Yonder – http://www.yonder.it/#landing

      Image Source: North Bennet Street School

      Image Source: North Bennet Street School

      Learn: Living slow is about living with the things you love and appreciating quality and character. In the new year, I plan to learn more about traditional trades and processes. One fantastic resource will be the workshops and programs at the North Bennet Street School in Boston, MA. The school offers intensive training in a variety of trades and crafts, from bookbinding to violin making. One unique experience is the upcoming workshop, “Make Your Wedding Rings.” Over a three-day workshop that begins on Valentine’s Day, you and your partner will make each other a wedding band. Visit the North Bennet Street School’s website for the full list of workshops and programs: http://www.nbss.edu

      Image Source: Knight Arts: St. Paul CSA Program

      Image Source: Knight Arts: St. Paul CSA Program

      Support: In the upcoming year, I intend to support my local producers and purchase a share in a community supported program. For several years, I have purchased Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) shares from a local farm for my fresh, seasonal vegetables. A CSA program encourages buyers to purchase “shares” directly from the farm, creating a relationship and receiving a “subscription” of weekly baskets of produce. It encouraged me to eat unfamiliar vegetables (Kohlrabi was an interesting introduction). CSA programs have introduced a new, popular economic model that has been adapted by many makers and producers. A very interesting off-shot of Community Supported Agriculture is Community Supported Art. A CSArt program creates a relationship between artists, buyers and collectors – and also provides affordable art! CSArt programs have been developed in cities and communities across the country, including Miami, Fargo, Detroit, St. Paul, and Philadelphia, as well as the Upper Valley of Vermont. A great example is CSArt Colorado.


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