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      Tips for Setting the Table this Season: Simple and Natural

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      Farmhouse Pottery Founder, Zoe Zilian’s simple, honest designs, inspired by the rural Vermont landscape she calls home, provide the foundation for setting an elegant holiday table. Here, Zoe shares her basics for prepping the table for a memorable holiday meal.

      Zoe Zilian

      When setting your table are there any rules that you follow? I like to clear off the table and start with a clean surface every time. I usually focus on the candlelight first and then the centerpiece. I like to mix and match, pairing vintage items with contemporary creations I’ve made in my studio.

      Bare table or tablecloth? Bare Table. Keep it simple and natural. To soften the look I add linen napkins, they can be wrinkled and casual or pressed and more formal.

      What is your go to centerpiece? I love to use our confit jar, as a vase or as a wine cooler. The French confit jar is emblematic of country living, and was traditionally used to store foods such as olives or duck confit.

      Do you have favorite place settings and glassware? I always use our Silo dinnerware; it is the essence of farm to table and brings out the color in every meal. I like to pair the setting with Robert Welch and David Mellor flatware. Hand-blown glass is a must, and Simon Pearce is our go to – simple yet elegant, complementing well the white glazed stoneware of the Silo line.

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