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      A Timeless Brand Born in Nottinghill

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      After 11 years working in corporate insurance, Nicola Woods made a radical move to the fashion industry. A sabbatical in Tokyo inspired Woods to revisit her childhood aspiration of design. She returned to the U.K. to attend the London College of Fashion where she received her BA in fashion, design, and technology in 2008 and launched her brand, Beautiful Soul, that same year.

      Beautiful Soul is a British fashion brand based in Nottinghill the seeks to create a product that is long lasting and multi-functional. Wood’s timeless, sophisticated designs incorporate the highest quality fabrics, and she has been recognized worldwide for her commitment to sustainability and environmental consciousness in fashion. Woods has been involved in London Fashion Week, Paris Fashion Week and Interstoff Asia in Hong Kong. She was also part of the Heritage Display of British Fashion at the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

      Summer fashion’s from ‘Beautiful Soul’ worth a look:

      The Takara Dress in both poppy turquoise and navy is multi-functional and can be transitioned from day to night with a pair of heels or pearls. The lush Silk Georgette fabric and the beautiful color pattern make this a timeless classic.

      Beautiful Soul_Takara Dress

      The Midori Dress in fuchsia pink is a bold statement perfect for any occasion from a pullover at the beach to a ladies night out. This mini shift dress is both timeless and daring with a perfect combination of lace and silk.

      Beautiful Soul_Midori Dress

      Looking for something a little more formal? The Mi Dress in cobalt-blue is floor-length with a subtle split at the thigh. This beautiful limited edition dress is appropriate for a special occasion such as a wedding or gala.

      Beautiful Soul_Mi Dress

      Find these looks and more at: http://www.beautiful-soul.co.uk/


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