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    • Culture & Entertainment

      Gifts that Keep Giving: Small-Batch Subscriptions

      Written by with no comments on Dec 4, 2013

      Whether it’s fruit-of-the-month or fruitcake-of-the-month, subscription presents have become a veritable holiday tradition. Today, small artisans and curators across North America apply this age-old concept to the slow living movement, offering small-batch gifts that keep giving long after the caroling has stopped. In June 2013, Mouth Foods launched mouth.com, an online indie food store. “Indie…

    • Farmhouse Pottery Founder, Zoe Zilian’s simple, honest designs, inspired by the rural Vermont landscape she calls home, provide the foundation for setting an elegant holiday table. Here, Zoe shares her basics for prepping the table for a memorable holiday meal. When setting your table are there any rules that you follow? I like to clear…

    • Home & Garden

      Silver Scholar: Kaminer Haislip

      Written by with no comments on Nov 1, 2013

      With her South Carolina drawl, shiny blonde locks and petite frame, it’s easy to mistake Kaminer Haislip for a typical southern belle – and if you did, you wouldn’t be the first. “In high school, I wanted to learn how to weld, so I took an industrial tech class,” Haislip recalls. “I was the only…

    • Culture & Entertainment

      Slow Living: History Repeating Itself

      Written by with no comments on Oct 31, 2013

      The late 18th century to the mid 19th century in England and Western Europe marked a transition from hand production methods to machine made production. This transition known as the Industrial Revolution fostered a period of great economic growth and prosperity. New materials, new production methods and efficiencies allowed goods to be produced in large…

    • Travel

      Farm to Massage Table

      Written by with no comments on Oct 24, 2013

      Why is fruit from the farmers’ market so much sweeter and juicier than produce from the supermarket? Because locally grown foods are fresher, taste better and are often the healthiest options available. The positive effects of indigenous plants extend beyond healthy eating; innovative spas use regional specialties to nourish the skin, heal the body and…

    • Travel

      Nebo Lodge: A Demonstration in Local

      Written by with no comments on Oct 22, 2013

      It’s hard to resist a place that so seamlessly blends its commitment to local and sustainable with excellent customer service and straightforward, yet inspiring food. However, Nebo Lodge has done just that. Perhaps that is why the fact that it is situated 12 miles out to sea on the island of North Haven, Maine, doesn’t…

    • Imagine, sitting amongst friends on a warm summer eve at a long table in the middle of a majestic field or barn, dining on locally sourced food prepared by a top chef. “Farm to Table” dinner series have gained in popularity across America during the past several years. In addition to providing a memorable evening…

    • Culture & Entertainment

      Wanderlust Festival: A Celebration of Yoga, Music and Nature

      Written by with no comments on Jul 9, 2013

      Pair wine tasting, farm to table dinners, film screenings, hikes and healthy living lectures with every shape and form of Yoga imaginable and what do you get? Wanderlust, a 4-day festival offered in seven beautiful locations around North and South America including: Canada, Hawaii, Vermont, Colorado, California, and Chile. Started in 2009, the Festival’s mission…

    • The New England Victorian-era seaside resort is a making a comeback. At the turn of the century, there were dozens of hotels along the New England coast where families from eastern cities would come and spend the summer. Nearly all have since vanished – burned down or have been razed long ago. Off the coast…

    • Fashion & Beauty

      A Timeless Brand Born in Nottinghill

      Written by with no comments on Jun 23, 2013

      After 11 years working in corporate insurance, Nicola Woods made a radical move to the fashion industry. A sabbatical in Tokyo inspired Woods to revisit her childhood aspiration of design. She returned to the U.K. to attend the London College of Fashion where she received her BA in fashion, design, and technology in 2008 and…