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      Rolling Orange: Dutch Bike Culture

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      It may well be the new status symbol of the urban hip and environmentally conscious — the utilitarian, well-designed and built to last Dutch bicycle is making inroads in New York and other cities around the United States.

      Last summer, Rolling Orange, a boutique bicycle shop opened in Brooklyn. They offer bicycles in various enamel colors and configurations from Dutch manufacturers: Gazelle, Batavus, Union, De FietsFabriek and VANMOOF.

      The company’s motto, “Slower is Better” might be a hard sell for New Yorkers, but if you want to look good peddling to the farmer’s market (or to work for that matter), and at the same time reduce your carbon footprint, invest in a bike from Rolling Orange.

      De Fietsfabriek Image Source: Rolling Orange Bikes

      Our favorite is the De Fietsfabriek with independent turning upfront cargo compartment to hold your children and your organic produce. Rolling Orange offers repairs, a full line of accessories and customization/branded bicycles for your business: www.rollingorangebikes.com


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