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      Princely Garden Tool Duel

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      Prince Charles Meet Prince Louis Albert de Broglie

      In advance of planting season, it may be time to think about replacing or upgrading your garden tools, and Prince Charles’ Highgrove Shop, and Prince Louis Albert de Broglie’s Le Prince Jardinier have some of the finest tools around.

      The High Grove Estate, home to Charles, Prince of Wales has for more than two decades been a leading example of the organic and sustainable farming movement. The Home Farm at Highgrove is involved in nurturing rare breeds of livestock, serving as a demonstration farm and research center for those interested in converting to organic, running a successful vegetable box theme for local families, and launching Duchy Originals – an organic food business that sells a range of products from garden accessories to local foods with profits going to The Prince’s Charities.

      The shop at Highgrove, features a number of home and lifestyle products inspired by the extraordinary gardens at Highgrove and the stewardship ethic of the farm.

      Among a selection of fine items, the garden implements made from sustainably harvested Welsh hardwoods stand out including – the hand turned ash seed line marker, dibber and trugs for toting about your bounty. Available online: www.highgroveshop.com

      Across the Channel, French entrepreneur Prince Louis-Albert De Broglie presides over a lifestyle brand inspired by his passion for history and gardening. De Broglie is the founder of Le Prince Jardinier and owner of Deyrolle, the 180-year old Parisian cabinet of curiosities that specializes in selling fossils, rocks and minerals, taxidermy, botanical specimens and natural history publications.

      At Château de la Bourdaisière, (a Loire Valley hotel and farm that he restored with his brother), the Prince cultivates and displays 650 varieties of tomatoes and is leading an effort to develop the hotel, garden and park as an example of sustainable management.

      Le Prince Jardinier, headquartered in Paris, is renowned for its hand-made gardening tools and beautiful accessories, such as their stainless-steel watering can with a brass spout based on an 19th century design and pruning shears. www.princejardinier.fr/

      Although the French Prince might have a slight edge in terms of product design aesthetics, in this duel however, the Prince of Wales prevails for his local sourcing of materials, on-farm production and practicality.


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