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      Because You Are Never Too Old To Play Games: Jaques London

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      From croquet to chess to boules and backgammon, the Jaques family is renowned as the oldest manufacturer of games in the world. The year 1795 marks the official beginning of the London based company, and seven generations later, Ben, Clare, Emmett and Joe Jaques, continue to oversee the family business.

      The company is credited with inventing the game of Croquet, and popularizing chess. In 1851, John Jaques II was awarded a gold medal for introducing Croquet to the world at the Great Exhibition, the first in a series of World’s Fairs popularized in the 19th century. Today, Jaques London is considered the world leaders in making the highest quality handmade croquet sets. Croquet mallets are crafted from English Ash and other fine hardwoods, and all of the Company’s Croquet equipment is made in its English “factory” as it has been for more than 150 years. The company’s website is worth a visit – a virtual how to of the game and encyclopedia of Croquet history.

      In addition to their traditional Croquet lines, Jaques sells chess boards and handmade Chess pieces, games tables, garden games, indoor games such as backgammon and dominoes, and table tennis tables and accessories. They invented Tiddly Winks and popularized Chess by developing and marketing a set of universally recognized chess pieces. During WWII, Jaques worked with the government to conceal escape kits in games for prisoners of war. With ingenuity such as this, it’s no wonder they are still going…www.jaqueslondon.co.uk/


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