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      On a Quest for an Authentic Crepe Pan: E. Dehillerin, Paris

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      Located in Paris on the Rue de Coquillière (Right Bank), E. Dehillerin is a rabbit’s warren of narrow aisles and wooden floor to ceiling shelves, crammed with every imaginable cooking accessory from beautiful copper crepe pans to giant soup ladles. The store caters to professionals, though welcomes the “at home” chef. There are few labels or signs, items are often wrapped in parchment paper and presentation is not a priority here, thus it helps to know what you are looking for. The staff are efficient and to the point with little time for idle chitchat. And this is what makes the store so wonderfully charming and authentic. Opened in 1820, the store is still a family business, and the interior has likely changed little since that time. Before you go, be sure to check store hours, as with many shops in Paris, their opening days vary. www.e-dehillerin.fr​/en/index.php

      Photo Source: E. Dehillerin


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