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      Microbatch Chocolatiers: From Bean to Bar

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      In the kingdom of chocolate, there are great old-world confectioners such as Teuscher (producing since 1932), and Paris’s Debauve & Gallais (producing for more than 200 years). There are celebrity artisanal chocolatiers – confectionary artists at the highest level of their craft, who use the freshest ingredients paired with traditional methods and contemporary flare – Knipschlidt and Payard stand out.

      Image Source: Olive and Sinclair

      But if you are a purist and enjoy the rich, often complex flavor profile of naked chocolate you will adore the handful of bean to bar, microbatch chocolate makers that have emerged across the U.S. Unlike companies who buy in chocolate and make a business of molding it into eye-catching treats, these makers actually source, roast and grind their own cocoa beans. Making chocolate in small batches using traditional methods is a slow process – think home brewers but with superior results. The end product is a pure solid bar of indulgence. There are a number of fine bean to bar producers who make exquisite chocolate, including Taza, Askinosie, and Amano to name a few. We favor Olive and Sinclair of Nashville for their southern flair and charming packaging (www.oliveandsinclair.com). Also, check out the Mast Brothers of Brooklyn (www.mastbrotherschocolate.com) who have fab old-school beards, and also because they make some damn fine chocolate.




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