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      Barone Pizzini – Organic Bubbly

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      Image Source: Barone Pizzini

      Celebrate any special occasion, or just celebrate with organic bubbly by winemaker Barone Pizzini.  Located northeast of Milan in the Franciacorta region of Italy, Barone Pizzini produces world-class sparkling wines that are a product of 140 years of passion for the land. The winery was the first in the region to use organic viticulture methods.  This focus on quality and the nuances of the production process has led not only to an exquisite tasting wine, but also to guaranteed purity that no chemical herbicides or pesticides reach your glass. In their beautiful and environmentally friendly production facility constructed using local materials, Barone Pizzini makes 6 varieties of Franciacorta DOCG: Brut, Extra Dry, Brut Nature, Rosè, Satèn, Bagnadore. If you can taste terroir anywhere, you surely can in the Brute Nature. www.baronepizzini.it

      Image Source: Barone Pizzini


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