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      Metal Arts At Sloss Furnace

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      Sloss Furnace, a National Historic Landmark, produced iron in the city of Birmingham, Alabama for nearly 90 years and was responsible for defining Birmingham as a prominent industrial hub in the South during the 1880s. With its massive smokestacks, pipes and cathedral like proportions, the site is a prominent feature on the Birmingham skyline and an important cultural icon for the City. Today, Sloss Furnaces is a not for profit cultural, educational and entertainment destination and subject of a recent PBS special, Sloss: Industry to Art.

      Photo Credit: Sloss Furnace

      If you have ever wanted to wield a blow touch and pour molten iron into a mold, Sloss offers Metal Arts Classes for beginning as well as experienced metal artists. They also offer an open studio, workshops, demonstrations, an apprenticeship program and a artist residency program. www.slossfurnaces.com

      Image Credit: Sloss Furnace




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