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    • Puppetry as a form of entertainment has been around for thousands of years, and in the Czech Republic, marionette puppet theater has been an important form of story telling art since the early Middle Ages. Two modern day masters, Miroslav Trejtnar and Richard “Rici” Kuklík are keeping the tradition alive. In addition to being a…

    • In the kingdom of chocolate, there are great old-world confectioners such as Teuscher (producing since 1932), and Paris’s Debauve & Gallais (producing for more than 200 years). There are celebrity artisanal chocolatiers – confectionary artists at the highest level of their craft, who use the freshest ingredients paired with traditional methods and contemporary flare –…

    • Culture & Entertainment

      The Ol’ Jalopy Trucks Along

      Written by with no comments on Oct 16, 2011

      Shining like a bright beacon on a non-descript side street in Red Hook, Brooklyn, the Jalopy Theater and School of Music (www.jalopy.biz) beckoned me in on a recent evening. Built in 1860, the venue has been used variously as a grain storage facility, tap dance studio, radio repair shop, garage, and flop house. Its most…

    • Located 40 miles from Greensboro, NC on a stretch of highway known as the “Potter’s Highway”, Seagrove is home to one of the highest concentrations of potters in the country. Sometime during the 1700’s, before the American Revolution, the first families of the area used the abundant clay resource to make functional wares for use…

    • Fashion & Beauty

      Tallulah Jane – Natural Perfumes

      Written by with no comments on Oct 10, 2011

      Born in England with a career path that has included: modeling, photography, and the health and wellness industry, Eleanor Jane launched “Tallulah Jane” natural perfumers in 2009. Jane’s small batch fragrances use 100% all natural ingredients (ethically chosen organic and wild crafted oils) and often incorporate seasonally ingredients, giving each batch a unique personality. https://tallulahjanenyc.com/