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    • All eyes will no doubt be on Kate Middleton’s dress on Friday as she makes her way down the aisle of London’s Westminster Abby. However, keep your eyes out for signs of William and Kate’s authentic sensibilities. Yes, there will be loads of pomp and tradition along with extravagance dictated by centuries of royal protocol,…

    • Home & Garden

      Juliska Glassware: Art for Everyday

      Written by with no comments on Apr 21, 2011

      Juliska was launched in 1999 by husband and wife design and tableware aficionados David Gooding and Capucine De Wulf. Their glassware blends historically inspired European design sensibilities and traditional glass blowing methods with contemporary functionality. Made by highly skilled artisans in the hills outside of Prague, each piece of glassware is hand signed and unique….

    • Fashion & Beauty

      Fresh’s Crème Ancienne – Youth springs eternal

      Written by with no comments on Apr 21, 2011

      We are not quite sure if you can find eternal youth in 1 oz., $135 jar of face cream, but with a 2nd Century A.D. recipe inspired by the world’s first emulsion-based cream used to heal gladiator’s wounds, it has to be good, right? Mixed by hand in the hills of the Czech republic by…

    • Culture & Entertainment

      Not Your Childhood Easter Basket: The Fiber Art of Mary Jackson

      Written by with no comments on Apr 20, 2011

      Master weaver Mary Jackson is something of an American Craft icon, with accolades including – Lifetime Achievement Award from the National Museum for Woman in the Arts; MacArthur Foundation Genius Grant recipient and National Endowment for the Arts Heritage Fellow. This Johns Island South Carolina resident’s pieces can be found in some of the most…

    • Food

      Barone Pizzini – Organic Bubbly

      Written by with no comments on Apr 20, 2011

      Celebrate any special occasion, or just celebrate with organic bubbly by winemaker Barone Pizzini.  Located northeast of Milan in the Franciacorta region of Italy, Barone Pizzini produces world-class sparkling wines that are a product of 140 years of passion for the land. The winery was the first in the region to use organic viticulture methods….

    • Recreation

      GO FISH: The heritage rods of Orvis and Hardy

      Written by with no comments on Apr 11, 2011

        The opening of the trout fishing season for many anglers in America and the UK is a harbinger of spring. Two companies separated by the Atlantic, stand out in terms of honoring traditional fly rod making traditions. The Orvis Company founded by Charles F. Orvis in 1856 is based in Manchester, Vermont and has…

    • On Saturday June 11th, 2011, The Philip Johnson Glass House, a National Trust Historic Site in New Canaan, CT is hosting a benefit event celebrating the connection between land and plate; chef farmer and artisan. The Glass House is a 47-acre campus that celebrates modern architecture, landscape and art, as well as continues the tradition…